22 апреля KIS приглашает абитуриентов и их родителей
на День открытых дверей!

The school that children love

Welcome to KIS!

Kaluga International school is a unique educational institution where children are taught to be thinking, open-minded, decision-making and responsible people. 

Our school provides a world-class education that is recognized in more than 140 countries, enabling students to smoothly make the transition from any school internationally to Kaluga International School, and also to open the way for our graduates to find places in leading universities of the world.

We have highly qualified teachers accredited both in Russia and abroad, with teaching experience in many countries of the world. 

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Together with the administrative staff and experienced teachers Kaluga International School provides an ideal environment conducive to the all-round development and education of our students.

School admission

Год педагога и наставника в России

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