For children aged 7-16

Become stronger, faster, more flexible, more concentrated!

Karate training is an amazing balance of physical and mental development. Gymnastic exercises of karate develop muscles, improve stretching, as well as accuracy and speed. Trainings help strengthen the body. Not only will you become stronger, but also help your immune system.

Karate develops discipline. Even one missed workout can have an impact during sparring, competition, or exams. Thus, karate boosts punctuality and hard work.

Practicing karate stimulates the ability to concentrate, develops logic, trains memory and creative thinking.

10 reasons to sign your child up for karate

  1. self-discipline
  2. communication
  3. physical activity
  4. determination
  5. self-esteem
  6. respect
  7. nonviolent conflict resolution
  8. mindfulness
  9. teamwork skills
  10. general development


Sensei - Eduard Ayrapetyan

Coaching experience with children from 4 years old since 2004, has 2 dan, international judge.

Sports achievements:

  • YKKF Asian Kata Champion.
  • RUSSIAN SHITORYU EURO CUP international tournament champion and medal winner
  • GEORGIA president cup international tournament prize winner.
  • TBILISI OPEN international tournament prize winner of the.
  • SAMARA CUP tournament champion and prize-winner.
  • International tournament of the Iranian Republic medal winner.

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