For children aged 6-15

A little bit of imagination, and let the magic begin!

Supporting a child's creativity is just as important as working on their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. It is surprising how many famous musicians, artists, inventors, actors, comedians, architects, dancers, and writers attribute their success to hard work and dedication rather than talent.

Teachers believe that drawing and sculpting have a beneficial effect on the development of motor skills and the nervous system, and after a while children are already able to solve problems independently. Creativity develops reading, writing and counting. Therapists claim that it helps the child understand the world around him, teaches to cope with fear, and also awakens emotions. Artists believe that art is important as a source of beauty, self-expression, and the creative process itself is significant. There is a huge amount of materials around us that we can use when creating our own works.

This course is for those who want to

  • Develop creative thinking
  • Learn to make creative decisions
  • Work with a variety of art materials
  • Develop the spatial thinking
  • Use the opportunity for personal development

Price and timetable

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