For children aged 8-14

For the most curious and courageous! Lessons in science lab!

A science course is a combination of physics, chemistry and biology. In the UK curriculum the Science course begins in Primary school.

Information is presented so that the child of a given age is able to perceive and assimilate it. In modern world the emphasis is shifted from memorizing facts to developing thinking. Children get facts in one click, but they cannot always analyze and interpret them.

Science classes allow children to develop scientific thinking and demonstrate to children that exploring the real world is just as interesting as the virtual one.

This course is for those who want to

  • Learn the transdisciplinary approach of problem solving
  • Develop STEM skills
  • Practice making logical connections
  • Expand vocabulary and develop a conceptual understanding of science

What we will do

  • Study the basics of chemistry, biology and physics
  • Make experiments
  • Explain universal laws
  • Find confirmation of nature laws in life
  • Work in a real scientific lab

Price and timetable

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