About us

Наша школа – это благоприятная и дружественная среда в которой дети всех национальностей, рас и религий могут обучаться совместно и каждому ученику предоставляется равное уважение и возможность добиться успеха.

About us

Калужская международная школа – это уникальное образовательное пространство, в котором дети учатся быть мыслящими, ответственными, открытыми миру, новым идеям и знаниям, принимающими решения и несущими за них ответственность. 

Our school provides a world-class education and is recognized in more than 140 countries, enabling students to smoothly make the transition from any school internationally to Kaluga International School, and also to open the way for our graduates to find places in leading universities of the world.

Kaluga International school is accredited with 3 educational program licenses: The International Baccalaureate IB PYP, Cambridge, ФГОС РФ (Russian State School programme). By integrating these educational programs, we achieve the highest results of academic and personal development of every student. 

Our highly qualified teachers have teaching experience in many countries of the world and are accredited both in Russia and abroad.Together with the administrative staff and experienced teachers Kaluga International School provides an ideal environment conducive to the all-round development and education of our students.

About our school:

School mission

The school aims to develop its students as knowledgeable, responsible and open-minded individuals for the benefit of the community in the Kaluga region and for the whole of society. The school has a vision of being a caring learning environment where children of all nationalities, races and religions can study together and where each child is welcomed, respected and facilitated to reach their full potential.

Наша школа – это благоприятная и дружественная среда, в которой дети всех национальностей и религий могут обучаться совместно, и каждому ученику предоставляется равное уважение и возможность добиться успеха.

School Values

Our Students:
We are committed to providing world-class education to our students, developing the whole child. We recognise and celebrate the uniqueness of each child, and we respect each student as an individual, placing them at the centre of everything we do. We promote inquiry, foster lifelong learning and encourage the pursuit of excellence.

Our Staff:
We are committed to providing a safe work place and a variety of work experiences for our staff. We encourage staff to reach career goals whilst maintaining a healthy work and life balance. 

Our Families and the Wider School Community:
We are committed to providing a quality service to our families, and to the wider school community. We welcome parents and the school community to take an active part in the everyday life of the school, and together, we create a community of internationally-minded learners. We demonstrate integrity, respect, appreciation, tolerance, commitment and cooperation working in partnership with our families and the wider school community.

Our Local Community:
We are committed to taking an active role in the local community. We embrace the educational and cultural opportunities in the Kaluga region as well as the opportunity to take action through community service.

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