Middle school

Middle school program provides the choice of the curriculum

Two curriculum frameworks

Cambridge International


Cambridge International:

  • 6 subjects
  • Obligatory learning of 2 foreigh languages, mathematics, science, humanities and art; physical, social and personal development. The curriculum includes implementing the knowledge in real life and wide usage of visual art and modern technologies.
  • Enrollment after prior assessment
  • Lessons with native speakers
  • Cambridge Checkpoint exams at the end of Grade 7; IGCSE exams at the end of Grade 9
  • Opportunity to enroll schools abroad
  • Individual tutoring
  • Communication in English

Russian State curriculum with deeper language studies

  • Basic subjects are taught in Russian according to Russian State curriculum 
  • Russian state exams
  • Communication in English
  • 10 hours of English and 4 hours of German per week
  • Annual language level assessment
  • Дополнительные предметы – Science, Global Perspectives, ART, Music
  • Enrollment after prior assessment

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