July 26th-30th

XXI century skill. Speak, so that people listen

Do you like telling stories? We will explain why this is one of the basic skills of the 21st century and teach you how to use tools to create memorable stories. According to Leonid Feigin, if there is no interest, there is no story. To interest the listener or viewer, you need to touch him: "A person does care when something touches him."; "the story works out if there is a change: the hero changes, and you can apply it to yourself."

This program is for those who wish to:

  • Boost up the storytelling skills
  • Understand why this is the most efficient tool in sales and self-presentation
  • Get speaking practice
  • Develop the speaking and writing skill
  • Immerse in the language environment with native speakers

What we will do

  • Daily language lessons
  • 3 workshops “How to tell a story so that everyone listens to you”
  • We will write a story and play
  • Have cooking and art lessons in English
  • We’ll have a very special workshop from the expert
  • Field trip on the topic of the program
  • Presentation of the story on the final day of the session






How to become a part of KIS camp?

  • Price includes 3 meals per day in the school canteen

  • Experienced teachers and mentors

  • Session is up to 12 participants

Price 12000 RUB


When signing up for 2 and more sessions, you get a discount

Submit your application and our colleagues will be in touch for further details of the bill.

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