Crash science course

July 12th-16th

All you want to know about the universe!

This course helps children learn how the world around us works and check it in an empiric way. Not a single child has resisted the sight of bulbs, jars and chemicals. Well? Intriguing?

This program is for those who wish to:

  • Get acquainted with the basics of biology, chemistry, physics in an accessible form
  • Try the Cambridge curriculum
  • Visit the laboratory and do experiments
  • Learn terminology in English
  • Develop soft skills 
  • Put on a white robe, a protective mask and, perhaps, this is when your child decides to associate his future with this

What we will do

  • During the session, we will study simple nature laws around us and test them
  • Daily lab work
  • We’ll have a very special workshop from the expert
  • Outdoor games and activities in English
  • Field trip on the topic of the program
  • On the final day "scientists parade" - a presentation of a scientist and his scientific project


Dmitriy Zemskov

Primary School teacher, mentor of the Crash Science course developed by Middle school science teacher Anthony Gonzalez (USA)


Primary School English teacher, specialist of EAL, Montessori method teacher, project-based teaching specialist.

Work experience with children aged from 5. 

How to become a part of KIS camp?

  • Price includes 3 meals per day in the school canteen

  •  Experienced teachers and mentors

  •  Session is up to 12 participants

Price 12000 RUB


When signing up for 2 and more sessions, you get a discount

Submit your application and our colleagues will be in touch for further details of the bill.

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