August 2nd-6th

Basic skills of online blogging

If your child wants to broadcast his interests, be an expert, express himself through the phone screen, we will teach him how to pack this information and provide it to a larger audience.

The Internet is a wonderful environment for sharing and sending thoughts and feelings in a very cool way. Digital storytelling, personal brand development, high-quality content creation - this is what any blogger on the web is guided by. For many people this becomes a future profession and an opportunity to monetize their talent from an early age.

This program is for those who wish to:

  • Understand current blogging trends
  • Learn to create high-quality digital content using the example of an Instagram profile
  • Decide on the topic of the blog and learn how to draft a content plan
  • Explore the apps for fast content creation

What we will do

  • Each student will choose a blog topic and create “catchy” content every day.
  • Create a harmonious grid of 9 photos / videos
  • write a content plan for maintaining stories and posts
  • Learn to create trending stories
  • Have cooking and art lessons in English
  • We’ll have a very special workshop from the expert
  • Field trip on the topic of the program
  • Blog presentation on the final day of the session

Daria Kutuzova

Primary School teacher, SMM specialist


Primary School English teacher, specialist of EAL, Montessori method teacher, project-based teaching specialist.

Work experience with children aged from 5.

How to become a part of KIS camp?

  • Price includes 3 meals per day in the school canteen

  • Experienced teachers and mentors

  • Session is up to 12 participants

Price 12000 RUB


When signing up for 2 and more sessions, you get a discount

Submit your application and our colleagues will be in touch for further details of the bill.

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