August 9th-13th

For those who love crafting, sculpting, painting, creating

Children immerse in art through play-based activities and drawing. They learn to imitate great artists, experiment with materials, work in different styles, techniques and genres. Not only will the students draw, but also sculpt, create installations, make up performances and much more.

By creating with their hands, children see the results of their work, learn to put meaning in their creation and develop fine motor skills. Fine motor skills have a very important feature, as they are associated with the nervous system, vision, attention, memory and perception of the child. Also, scientists have proven that the development of fine motor skills and the development of speech are closely related.

This program is for those who wish to:
  • Immerse yourself in art and try to do something yourself, imitating the great masters
  • Discover new materials and techniques
  • Improve the speaking skills
  • Spend time with peers and tutors in a friendly and creative environment

What we will do

  • Study pieces of art
  • Create your own art pieces in different techniques (poster, sculpture, installation, design, still life, etc.)
  • Work with new materials (acrylic paint, ink, charcoal, etc.)
  • Learn to mix and match colors
  • Play
  • Travel around the museums of the world - virtually (and on some programs we will go to the Moscow museum)

Antonova Kate

Primary School teacher, Cambridge Art teacher


Primary School English teacher, specialist of EAL, Montessori method teacher, project-based teaching specialist.

Work experience with children aged from 5.

How to become a part of KIS camp?

  • Price includes 3 meals per day in the school canteen

  • Experienced teachers and mentors

  • Session is up to 12 participants

Price 12000 RUB


When signing up for 2 and more sessions, you get a discount

Submit your application and our colleagues will be in touch for further details of the bill.

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